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Over the last 20 years, I've worked (as a trainer and coach) with hundreds of people. And they fall into 2 groupssuccessful-unsuccessful:

  1. the people who achieved success
  2. the relatively unsuccessful

The people in group 2 were certainly not failures. But relative to the people in group 1 (and relative to their own potential), they were earning less and feeling less fulfilled by their work. 

The difference between the groups was not intelligence or professional expertise. In fact, in many cases, the people in group 2 were 'cleverer' and more skilled.

Nor did the people in Group 1 work harder. Or have more drive.

Over time, I developed a list of the attributes which distinguished the successful from the also-rans. Of course, not every successful person had every attribute but there was certainly a pattern.


I call the attributes possessed by the successful people, 'edge' – because that's what they give you, the edge over your competition. And edge is needed because business is zero-sum – it's winner takes all. Almost winning a contract means nothing.

What I found particularly interesting as 'edge' began to take shape in my mind was that none of these attributes are innate, you-either-have-it-or-you-don't, qualities.

They can all be developed.

Unfortunately, this doesn't happen at school or university. We're somehow supposed to pick them up along the way. But that's an incredibly slow and potentially costly approach – learning from mistakes can damage your business and lead you to miss out on so many opportunities.

And the lessons to be learned are not always obvious.

learn fasterWhy do we take this approach to developing attributes that can have a significant impact on our performance? If you wanted to learn to play the piano, you wouldn't sit alone at the piano, plonking on the keys, hoping to get better. You know that your progress will be much faster and that you will become a better musician if you take some lessons. 

Or as Socrates said:

"Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for."

Learning from the studies and experience of others, rather than re-inventing the wheel, is not only more effective, it costs a lot less too.

And that's why I created The Personal Edge Program. It was a challenging experience since it didn't take too much self-reflection to realise that I had some work to do on myself! (This is a practical, research-based course not one of those, 'Hey look at my yacht! You too can have all of this if you just do what I did' courses.)

A Rational Approach

Here is the logic on which The Personal Edge Program rests: you will feel more fulfilled and earn more if:

  • you have a strong network that:
    • is a source of opportunities
    • recommends you to potential customers and
    • provides feedback
  • you establish effective processes and habits that enable you to achieve more every day
  • you understand and manage your emotions, personality and cognitive biases enabling you to play to your strengths
  • you are resilient in the face of setbacks but also know when to quit
  • you can successfully influence others, including prospects, customers and suppliers
  • your negotiation skills enable you to reduce your costs and increase your margins
  • you develop strong relationships through a better understanding of personality, emotions and cognitive biases – theirs and yours!
  • your personal brand predisposes people towards you, building trust and confidence in your abilities

And these attributes have never been more important.

There will be no 'back to normal'

the futureBefore the COVID-19 pandemic, many business leaders were already using a term borrowed from the military to describe the business environment – VUCA – Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous. The big destabilising force was, and still is, technology. 

“In 10 years, 65% of jobs will be jobs that don’t exist today.”
World Economic Forum

Then COVID-19 hit and it's now VUCA2

Be Prepared

Optimism is vital – but it has to be realistic optimism. In the words of James Stockdale, who survived 7 years of living hell as a Vietnamese prisoner of war:

"You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end – which you can never afford to lose — with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be."

And the 'most brutal facts of the current reality' are that the repercussions of the pandemic will be immense, very hard to predict and will continue to be felt for years to come. It is almost certain that many businesses, including lots that were well-run and profitable, will fail. Each failure will cause ripples through the local economy, damaging suppliers and customers … and their suppliers and customers …

And as unemployment increases, consumer spending decreases and the dominoes continue to fall. 

In every sector, existing players will cut costs and slash prices in a desperate bid to survive. New players will enter sectors, seeking to make-up the shortfall in revenues in their current markets. And many will bring new technologies and business models that transform how business is done.

Competition will be fierce. 

And at some point, we will have to pay the bill for the financial support provided by governments.

It's going to be tough.

But, as always, for those individuals that are prepared, there is the opportunity to shine in the chaos.

Or not.

Surviving and Thriving in Chaos

With edge, your network will keep you informed so that you can react first. You will learn about new opportunities and your personal brand and people skills will help you to build relationships quickly with the new players. In the face of setbacks, you will be resilient and you will quickly develop new plans and systems. Along the way, your persuasion and influencing skills will help you to win new customers and negotiate the best deals.


There are 2 versions of The Personal Edge Program:

  • Core Program: an online program consisting of 5 integrated courses
  • one2one Program: the Core Program plus 3 one2one sessions between you and a facilitator

If you are used to conventional face-to-face training programs, it would be understandable for you to have reservations about online learning. Having earned my living as a face-to-face trainer, I was certainly resistant. However, as I gained experience in online learning, I came to realise that, done in the right way, not only does it cost significantly less, it is also more effective. 

We learn best when:

  • we're in the mood and the conditions are right – we choose the appropriate time
  • information is presented in small chunks (no information overload)
  • we have time to analyze, reflect and make connections to our situation
  • we can refresh our knowledge by looking at materials again
  • we can choose to interact with others on our terms

The Personal Edge Program was designed with these principles in mind.

Core Program

DevicesThe main content of the program is presented in videos. There are also articles, questionnaires, templates and links to additional resources.

Whether a night-owl or an early-bird, you can access the program materials at any time that is convenient for you and on any device with an internet connection. There’s no software or add-ins to install and our system will track your progress, allowing you to re-start where you left off. You can go at your own pace, analysing and reflecting on the content. When appropriate, you can experiment with your new skills, then analyse and reflect again. This is what brings about real personal growth.

The starting point is our LMS (Learning Management System), which will guide you through the course content. In addition to the lessons, there will also be tasks to complete to embed learning. Click the button below for a brief video overview of our LMS from your perspective.

one2one program

The one2one Program includes all the content in the Core Program, together with three one2one sessions.

A one2one session is a highly focused discussion to help you to clarify your thinking, gain new perspectives, develop plans, overcome obstacles, …

You will note that this is a 'one2one' rather than a 'coaching' session. Coaching is a questioning approach that facilitates self-discovery. A coach will ask questions that help the coachee to discover new ways of thinking. During one2one sessions, I am likely to use a coaching style most of the time. However, I may, when appropriate – and with the your permission – make suggestions, share experiences, direct towards relevant videos, articles, websites etc.

I believe this 'blended' approach is the most effective and fastest way to help you to achieve your objectives.

Community Forum

edge communityWhichever version of The Personal Edge Program you choose, you will also be able to interact with the entire Edge Community – featuring threaded discussions, messaging and alerts. All the stuff you get with Facebook and LinkedIn groups but with the added focus that the program content provides (and without the trolls and the constant stream of connection requests from spammers).

Here you will benefit from the perspectives of business people from many different sectors, types of organisation and, because this is a global program, countries. You will be able to seek advice, feedback, ideas and recommendations for products and services – and share your thoughts too.

The Edge Community is about members, many of whom have unique insights and extensive experience, helping other members.

Develop Success


Brief Course Outlines

Here are brief outlines of the courses in The Personal Edge Program. There are comprehensive details of each course below. Or you can click the course image in the outlines immediately below (links will open in a new tab).

People Insight has 2 dimensions. Firstly, you. How you perform depends on how you think – and yet so much of what happens in our brains is unconscious and automatic. If you understand your own emotional triggers, personality and cognitive biases, you can press pause and interrupt these hidden thought patterns. Then, not only will you make better decisions, you will become more flexible; the best version of you for each situation.

The second dimension of People Insight is understanding others so that you can build better relationships – which leads to more cooperation, support and effort from others on your behalf.

You’ll achieve a lot more with others on your side than you can on your own.

Next, Maximum Productivity, getting stuff done in the most efficient way – working smart

You know how much more productive you can be on a good day – imagine how much you could achieve if every day was a good day. 

This requires you to have robust plans and systems, effective habits and checklists and a productive mindset that ends procrastination and increases resilience.

Some people are naturally organized and get a kick out of planning their lives. But like the other edge attributes, the ability to work smart is not some innate, you-either-have-it-or-you-don’t, quality. Even a clinically untidy supposedly lost-cause such as myself can learn to work smart.

From time-to-time, you may need to be persuasive – the best ideas do not always win and whether you are selling your services, negotiating with a supplier or asking a colleague for help on a project, the ability to influence others is an essential attribute in achieving results. It requires more than simply building a cast-iron logical case for your proposal – how many times have you been 'right' in a discussion and yet no amount of facts or data can sway the other person to see things your way. Effective influencers work on multiple levels and turn doubters into committed advocates. And, if they can't, they know how to negotiate to get the best deal.

Wouldn’t it be great if people could see all the fantastic work you do, the challenges you overcome, the effort you put in … but they don’t. They are too busy doing their own stuff. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t make judgements about you, sweeping judgements about your attitude, expertise or flexibility based on how you behaved in a meeting. It’s not fair but there’s a good chance that you’re just as guilty as I am of putting people in boxes.

Managing your personal brand means acknowledging this is the way the world works and taking responsibility for the perception that you create in others’ minds. It doesn’t mean being false or fake – it’s about helping people to jump to the right judgements about you – because those snap evaluations can have significant outcomes, such as winning a contract or being selected for a major project.

In a competitive, rapidly-changing world, networks are vital. Networks connect you with opportunities, influence people on your behalf, help you to source trustworthy suppliers, keep you informed and provide feedback, encouragement and advice.  

In a turbulent, winner-takes-all, competitive world, having these attributes will set you apart and give you the edge to achieve exceptional results.

comprehensive course details


Why the Personal Edge Program is so effective

Earlier I shared my thoughts on why I believe online learning can be more effective than face-to-face training.

But what makes The Personal Edge Program specifically so effective?

I realise that you’re busy and that if you’re going to invest time and money in a course, it must be practical and yield tangible, real-world results. In the video below, I'll share with you how I developed The Personal Edge Program and why I believe it is the most effective approach to developing the attributes that will drive your success.

But first a few words about the alternatives to The Personal Edge Program.

Alternatives to The Edge Program

booksI love books. Because of the nature of my work, I read a lot and much of the content in The Personal Edge Program is inspired by books. But they are not particularly effective in developing edge:

  • you have to find the right books – not so easy when many 5-star reviews on Amazon owe more to marketing than the quality of the content. I've curated (sifted through the c**p) the content so you don't have to.
  • reading takes a lot of time – there is an expectation that a book will be 200+ pages and so the author pads out a good idea with pages of narrative. In The Personal Edge Program, you have the distilled essence of hundreds of books, articles and videos.
  • expensive – it would cost many times your Personal Edge Program subscription to buy the books that are referenced  
  • unfocused – each book gives you a part of the puzzle but the most time-consuming part of developing The Personal Edge Program was bringing together all the research into a coherent framework. And then came the critical part – testing and refining the content to create something that was practical – more on this below.

And then there are thousands of sites offering you quick fixes and shortcuts for everything from procrastination through to fear of public speaking. Article after article churned out with titles like ‘5 tips to make you more productive’. They are click-bait, written to make something challenging seem easy: ‘Look, you only need to do 5 things’. click-baitWe read them and then do nothing because life is complex.

They promise to reveal the ‘secret formula that will skyrocket your your career’.

Except they don’t, because it doesn’t exist.

You can’t simply copy the approach of a successful person because the world is complex and your situation is different, it is unique. Your situation may look similar but any one of hundreds of factors could tip the balance between success and failure: personality, connections, financial resources, competitors, customers, economic conditions, culture … And, what’s more, blindly following in the steps of a person that achieved success in the past in a world that is changing so quickly would appear to be a shortcut to disaster.


I don’t make wild promises of a cookie-cutter, universal blueprint for success; there’s no such thing. Instead, I combine the latest scientific findings from areas such as neuroscience and psychology with tried-and-tested approaches that that I have learned from my work as a consultant, trainer and coach with business people in many different sectors. 

The purpose of The Personal Edge Program is to give you the insights and tools to plot YOUR individual route to success, based on your unique situation.

The Development of The Personal Edge Program

Of course, there is a fifth stage in the development of The Personal Edge Program.

I am very grateful to all those in the Edge Community who shared, and continue to share, their thoughts on what should be covered in the courses and their experiences, ideas and pointers to new content.

The Personal Edge Program will always be a work-in-progress.


Before developing and delivering training programs, I was marketing manager for one of the Top 40 companies in the UK, overseeing a marketing team and a multi-million pound budget. Earlier in my career, I was a director of a consulting firm specialising in helping startups and small businesses. And prior to that I established my own company marketing interior accessories to major retailers. 

My training work has included developing and delivering programs for these organizations, amongst others:


My longest association has been with Ericsson, a Forbes' Top 100 Digital Company, employing more than 100,000 people. I have been an accredited facilitator on the Ericsson global leadership program for over 20 years, designing and developing several iterations of the program.

I have an MBA from City, University of London and a masters in law from Oxford University.

"Paul Taylor has been a global consultant of Ericsson since the late 1990s. In the last six years, Paul and I have worked very closely together in designing and implementing at least three of our most sought-after global leadership programs. Under immense challenges of time and cost constraints, with Paul's active involvement, we were able to design and roll-out world class programs, all on Blended Learning Methodology. Specifically, we combined use of self-produced e-learning and video material, virtual group discussions, face-face workshop and coaching.
From my perspective, Paul is a unique blend of business, human and technology expertise which he utilizes and puts together. He is creative, using this to find various learning approaches to learning objectives. The programs Paul has worked on and conducted have been well received. Participants find them business and work relevant, very useful and applicable at work."

Joselito Rivera, former Head of Global Leadership Development, Ericsson


The Personal Edge Program is the most effective way to develop your edge. You can learn when it's convenient for you, go at your own pace and take time to analyse, reflect and experiment. You will be accessing content developed from 20-years of research, refined by feedback, discussion and implementation by hundreds of course participants around the world.

And if you want to share your thoughts and get additional perspectives, you can engage with the Edge Community.

A 7 Weeks' Program

reflectionThe content in The Personal Edge Program is 'dripped' over 7 weeks. Each week you receive access to new content.

If you were taking a course on, say, 'How to Use Microsoft Excel', your objective would be to attain knowledge. You passively 'consume' the course content. But The Personal Edge Program is not about simply attaining knowledge. Its purpose is to help you to change the way you think, feel and, crucially, act. And for that to happen, you need to do more than passively consume. Personal growth takes reflection, analysis and experimentation – and that takes time.

So rather than being overwhelmed with all the content at once, you access it in manageable chunks.

Zero Risk

Subscriptions are due at THE END of the week. In other words, you have a whole week to view content before you pay.

When you sign-up, you get immediate access to the first content module but no payment will be taken until the end of the week. If for some reason it doesn't meet your expectations, simply cancel your subscription and no payments will be taken – for this or any future modules. When you cancel, you cancel all future subscriptions.

No need to chase us for a refund. And cancelling your subscription is as easy as clicking a link in your account. You're in control.

And this applies to all the modules. You have a week to view the content BEFORE your subscription is charged. Cancel and no further subscriptions will be charged.

So there's no reason not to invest now and begin reaping the rewards from edge.

Core Program

5 integrated courses – People Insight, Maximum Productivity, Communication & Influencing, Personal Brand, Effective Networking.

7 Weekly Payments of $20

subscriptions are charged at the end of the week – you view before you pay

– if you have any questions, click on one of the contact buttons at the top or bottom of the page –

one2one Program

7 Weekly Payments of $50

subscriptions are charged at the end of the week – you view before you pay

– if you have any questions, click on one of the contact buttons at the top or bottom of the page –

It is an Investment

"The most important investment you can make is in yourself."
Warren Buffet

When you make an investment, it's important to measure your potential return, the payback period (how long before you recoup your investment), the size of your investment and the risk involved.


The Edge Program will:

  • help you to achieve extraordinary results by developing the planning, processes, habits and financial savvy that enable you to leverage your expertise, knowledge and hard work
  • open up new opportunities for you through better network connections and a strong personal brand
  • provide you with the communication and influencing skills that allow you to take advantage of these opportunities
  • help you to adapt and thrive in a volatile and rapidly changing world by increasing your self-awareness, resilience, flexibility and emotional intelligence
  • set you apart from your competitors. And that's important because in winning clients or getting a job or a promotion, it's winner takes all; it's not enough to be good, you need to be better!

The benefits you gain from The Edge Program convert into increased earnings, many times greater than your investment.


The Edge Program could pay for itself almost immediately. And any gains are not 'one-offs'. The benefits of edge continue (and multiply) year after year.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but if edge is not to be the driving factor in your success, what will be?

Your Investment

For perspective, your investment in The Edge Program will be considerably less than a typical gym membership. 


And this unbeatable investment comes with zero financial risk. 

If you don't find the content valuable in helping you to develop your edge, simply cancel and no further subscriptions will be charged. If you complete your subscriptions, you then have lifetime access to all the materials, including all the new content we add in the future, and the forums.

In a world filled with uncertainty, where stock markets plunge with increasing regularity, the best investment you can make right now is in yourself

Core Program

5 integrated courses – People Insight, Maximum Productivity, Communication & Influencing, Personal Brand, Effective Networking.

7 Weekly Payments of $20

subscriptions are charged at the end of the week – you view before you pay

– if you have any questions, click on one of the contact buttons at the top or bottom of the page –

one2one Program

7 Weekly Payments of $50

subscriptions are charged at the end of the week – you view before you pay

– if you have any questions, click on one of the contact buttons at the top or bottom of the page –

Time to Act?

If you don't invest in yourself now, then when will you?

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will reap the benefits.  

"Often we are caught in a mental trap of seeing enormously successful people and thinking they are where they are because they have some special gift. Yet a closer look shows that the greatest gift that extraordinarily successful people have over the average person is their ability to get themselves to take action."
Anthony Robbins

I hope to welcome you to the Edge Community soon.

Special Launch Offer

subscribe now and receive the entire Personal Edge Program for

2 Weekly Payments of $15

saving you

75% or $110

content is spread over 7 weeks.
subscription payments are taken at the end of the first and second week, allowing you time to review content

Don't miss this never-to-be-repeated launch offer



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Pretty much any desktop, laptop or tablet with an internet connection can be used. The systems we use do not require any additional software or browser extensions to be added.

If you purchase optional one2one sessions, a microphone and speaker, integrated in most laptops and tablets, will be required. Alternatively, a headset, costing a few dollars, can be used. Although not essential, a webcam makes the sessions more personal.

Participants can be located anywhere in the world.

We are based in the UK but are happy to extend our working day to accommodate your requirements for one2one sessions or organization group webinars.


Face-to-face workshops can still be effective for honing and refining skills – after knowledge has been acquired online. As mentioned above, many face-to-face training workshops leave too little time for participants to reflect and internalise new knowledge. However, an online program lets individuals manage their own learning, allowing time for reflection, experimentation in real situations and discussion.

A face-to-face workshop may still be appropriate in certain situations. We have facilitated hundreds of these sessions and are happy to discuss face-to-face workshop sessions with you.

How do you persuade someone? There are lots of influencing techniques and tactics that we could talk about but the starting point is the individual that you're trying to persuade – their personality, their emotional triggers, their thinking patterns. You adapt your approach to the individual.

How do you improve your decision-making? It would seem sensible to consider the impact of your own personality, emotions and thinking patterns.

I could go on but I am sure you can see that all of the courses in The Personal Edge Program are interlinked. Rather than covering a topic like, for instance, personality superficially in several courses, it makes more sense to cover it in-depth once. 

You may be concerned that about the low price.

We made a strategic choice.

Rather than spending $000s on marketing trying to find 100 people who can afford to pay $200 a month, we prefer to have a 1,000 members paying $20 (who then tell their friends …). It may involve more work for us but it means we have an active community full of diverse ideas, perspectives, experiences and tips.

And we want The Personal Edge Program to be within the reach of as many people as possible.

When you cancel your subscription, you lose access to all content, past and future. For instance, if you cancel in Week 3, we will not charge you for any further weeks and you will not be able to access any content.

If you complete all subscriptions, you then have lifetime access to all content.

We do not refund earlier payments since you are given a week to review any content.

But, of course, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way. If you forgot to cancel and we can see that you haven't accessed the system (all logins are tracked), we will usually be happy to refund a subscription or two.

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video meeting

If you would like to arrange an online meeting to discuss The Personal Edge Program, please click the button below. This will open a booking page (in a new tab), where you can select a convenient time.

We will send an email confirming your chosen time and a link to add it to your calendar. There will also be a link for you to click to join the meeting at the appropriate time.

There is no software to install – everything happens in your browser. You can choose to enable your webcam if you wish. (This is the same technology we use for one2one sessions.)

The Problem with Face-to-Face Training

A typical face-to-face training session consists of a presentation by a facilitator, followed immediately by an activity to apply the learning. There is little time for reflection or deeper analysis and, as a result, activities intended to deepen learning, like role plays, tend to be superficial. There’s a quick debrief and then on to the next topic. No chance to go away and experiment in the real world in situations where there is something at stake. At the end of the training day, you’re exhausted and any learning from earlier in the day is rapidly fading.

There is a limit to how much knowledge can be crammed into the human brain in a single day.

And then, when you return to work, you have to catch-up on all the stuff that accumulated while you were away. Often, you don’t even try to apply your learning – you’re too busy getting stuff done and within days the training is a fuzzy blur.

What a waste of your time – and money!

Face-to-Face Training is Expensive

The content in The Edge Program would require 2 weeks of face-to-face training. And yet, the entire Edge Program will cost significantly less than just one of those days – and without added travel and accommodation expenses and time away from work.